Monday, April 22nd, 2024

Simple Survival Tools


In the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, certain tools could save your life. Many commercial outfitters advertise elaborate tools that would outfit you like you are ready to go on safari.

Remember, the emergency tools you have are really for survival and not for defense. Following is a list of various items that could all prove extremely valuable.

1. Swiss Army type pocket-knife. There are different types that all have a variety of tools on them. These can include a knife blade, flat head screw driver, Phillips head screw driver, awl, tweezers, and if you expect to be stranded in a wine cellar some even have a cork-screw on them. There is no need to buy an expensive one. Many in the $10 to $20 range are on the market.

2. Sewing Needles. In the sewing sections of many stores you can find one of those small paper folders containing an assortment of heavier sewing needles. These should include two or three large needles that may be labeled as upholstery needles. The larger ones may have triangular shaped shafts. That’s good. There should also be one or two curved needles. These can all come in handy in repairing torn heavier clothes like winter jackets or torn sleeping bags.

3. Thimbles. While you are in the sewing section get a few regular old-fashioned sewing thimbles. Get them in more than one size to fit both your index finger and your middle finger. They are a great tool, not only for sewing through heavy material, but also for any other pushing job that requires your fingers.

4. Dental Floss. To go with your needles you will need strong thread. Among the least expensive, extremely strong thread that comes in small packets is dental floss. These small dental floss containers are easy to store and the thread will not be weakened by getting wet. Also great for tying things together. Get three or four of them.

5. Automobile Cell-phone charger. If you own a cell-phone, besides your home plug in charger, make sure you also have a charger that will work in your car. If electricity is out you will still be able to recharge your cell-phone in your car.

The above items are all rather small and all will fit in a sandwich size zip-lock bag for storage.


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  1. Jimmt says:

    The droid app market has a free Army Survival guide that you can load onto your SD card. This information is helpful and would be available even if communications are cut!