Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Production Company is Seeking Preppers/Survivalists


Major International Production Company is Seeking Neighbors/Friends who are Preppers/Survivalists (Nationwide)

An all-new groundbreaking series will chronicle the day-to-day challenges and triumphs of a neighborhood, cul-de-sac or group of people who live close together, who are in the process of creating their own preparedness plan. We’re looking for a group who is starting to create a a self-reliant survival system in the event that the unimaginable should happen. The series will focus on 3-6 families or individuals , who all live in all live close by one another and who are working together to ensure the safety and survival of their home and loved ones.

This series will follow a group of people who are tasked with working with one another to create a community who will survive in the midst of disaster. The series will focus on the process, trial and error, research, hard-work and the challenges of creating a disaster system that involves the participation of many people from diverse backgrounds.

Potentially, this series could inspire families and citizens to take emergency preparedness seriously and to learn how one can create their own plan and survival system. During a time of unrest and the unknown, the ability to takes care of one’s family and home is of the utmost importance. Seeing a community coming together, knowing that there is strength in numbers , ensures survival and prosperity even during the bleakest of situations. This is the opportunity to illuminate the real story of a community banding together to take safety and survival into their own hands.

Producers are searching for the neighborhood and individuals who would be interested in participating in a project such as this. This is a time sensitive project so any interested people should contact us as soon as possible.

To refer someone you know or to submit your neighborhood, please email with the following information:

* Brief bio about your family, your neighborhood and your preparation plans

* Recent photos of family and community members

* Full contact information

* Location

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