Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

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Take These Important Steps NOW Before an Emergency Strikes

Preparedness used to be a word reserved for ‘conspiracy theorists’. People would think you were a little strange if you were ready at a moment’s notice to evacuate with an emergency kit, or if you stored extra food and water in case the stores shut down due to a natural disaster. That’s no longer the case. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, state emergency management agencies, the American Red Cross, and other leading government and non-profit agencies are consistently delivering the same message to the public: Be prepared.

Your Responsibility for Emergency Preparedness

It’s your responsibility and yours alone to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies. There’s no escaping the fact that everyone is at risk. Earthquakes and hurricanes do not discriminate. There are also the everyday disasters that you hear about on the news, such fires and floods that wipe out the home of an entire family and cause serious injuries or death to those who were not prepared. Disasters can strike any region. The Department of Homeland Security continues to issue alerts and warn citizens about emergency preparedness. You cannot rely on others to bail you out of an emergency, and you’ve been warned by the very agencies that might come to your aid that they may not be able to help you. You are responsible for purchasing preparedness kits and supplies for your family to overcome and survive disasters.

Where to Purchase Supplies

There are four things to look for before selecting a company to buy your preparedness supplies:

* Trusted brand
* Expanding line of products
* Education for customers
* One stop shop

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail…

Trusted Brand

You don’t want to go with a fly-by-night seller for your preparedness supplies. Those companies buy and resell junk to customers with a shorter or expiring shelf life. For example, if you buy an emergency kit with a food bar and water, the supplies may expire within months, or they may have already expired. A company with a trusted brand will offer quality products, and the contents of the kit will have a shelf life of five or more years.

Expanded Line of Products

You first step to be prepared is to an buy emergency kit. It’s a great start, but it’s not sufficient for all of your needs beyond the first three days of an emergency. To extend your supplies to last you two, four, eight weeks or more, you’ll need to buy more products. The same company you buy your emergency kits from should have an ever expanding line of products to choose from. New and cutting edge tools and supplies may improve your state of preparedness, but if you buy from a ‘stale’ company, you won’t know that more options exist.

Education for Consumers

The information on the Internet and in well-intentioned books can be overwhelming for the beginner. A catalog of supplies does you no good if you don’t know how to prepare for emergencies and why you need certain things. A company who is dedicated to educating its customers will be tremendous resource and guide to helping you make the right buying decisions.


The last thing you have time for is to hunt down hard-to-find preparedness supplies. You end up paying more because of inconsistent shipping costs and purchase prices. It’s not only convenient to have everything in one place, it also saves you money.

Our Recommendation

Having done the research and compared what’s available using our four point evaluation criteria, we’ve found the preparedness products and education offered by exceed all others. They are a virtual one-stop-shop for all your preparedness supplies and information. We urge you to visit and get prepared now — before the next emergency or disaster strikes.