Monday, April 22nd, 2024

Owning a Personal Firearm


Having a gun in your house is a difficult decision to make for most people. The number of people who are pro or con on the subject is probably almost evenly split. If you grew up in, or live in a country setting, you are more likely to be acquainted with guns; while “city folks” are more likely to disdain the idea. At any rate, the prospect of owning a gun is something every one should investigate in these times of possible national emergency and/or terrorist attack. The sanctity and well being of you and your family may depend upon it.

Four questions should be answered before you make up your mind.

1. Do I want to own a gun?

Owning a gun is a decision you and your spouse must make. If you are the only adult in the home then it is your decision.

2. Is it in the best interest of my family for me to have a gun in my home?

The decision must be made taking into account: a, the area I live in; b, are there small children in my home; c, are there teenagers in my home; d, how comfortable am I knowing that if I have a gun I therefore may have to use it to defend myself and my home?

3. If I get a gun, how should it be stored?

That is up to you. In the interests of safety, keeping a firearm unloaded and locked away in a closet makes it worthless in the event of an emergency. A gun should be out of reach of small children yet be accessible to adults who are trained in its use, at a moment’s notice.

4. If I get a gun, what kind should I get?

A rifle is not the best choice for use in defending a home. It’s acceptable, but not the best choice because its size could be awkward. A handgun or even a shotgun is probably the best choice. If your town or city has ordinances against handguns, even though these ordinances are deemed by many to be unconstitutional, it is best to heed them. You want a caliber (size) that will do the job of protecting you. There are many magazines on supermarket shelves that will give you much information on types, calibers and cost of varying types of guns. The National Rifle Association and local Sportsmen’s Clubs can also give you this information as well as information on classes to become trained in the safety and use of all kinds of guns.

Having a gun in your home is like having insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but when you do you’re glad it’s there.

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