Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Magic Tank Emergency Fuel


Shop!MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel is the best insurance you can have.

Never worry about running out of gas again! MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel is a patented non-flammable gasoline derivative that you use as a fuel additive in an emergency “out of gas” situation. MAGIC TANK uses the residual gasoline that remains in the fuel line and at the bottom of your gas tank. This residual gasoline can then start your engine and MAGIC TANK keeps the vehicle running.

MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel is safe to carry in your car because it doesn’t contain butane or any other highly flammable components. MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel formula has been rated by the National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA) and a Department of Transportation (DOT) as “Combustible” as opposed to gasoline which retains the significantly more hazardous rating of “Flammable”.

MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel can be used in any gasoline powered engines (NOT DIESEL), including boat, jet ski, motorcycle, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicle engines.

MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel is packaged in a bottle where the mouth of the container is heat sealed with a foil seal, and protected by a child safety cap that makes it difficult for a spark or flame to get near the liquid. This product is not flammable. MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel has a 10 year shelf life. It is stable for long term storage.

Keep your family safe in an emergency situation with MAGIC TANK Emergency Fuel.

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